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5100 Westheimer Rd, Suite 110
Houston, TX 77056

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Comprehensive Hearing Services

Our Services

At Best Hearing Aid Solutions, we take hearing health seriously. That’s why our hearing practice, located in Houston, TX, provides top notch hearing healthcare and hearing aid servicing. In addition to treating hearing loss, our hearing specialists are committed to helping you communicate better with the world around you.

From our comprehensive hearing evaluations to our vast selection of hearing aid technology, Best Hearing Aid Solutions is proud to offer the hearing health solutions that matter to Houston and the surrounding communities.

  • Hearing Loss – Evaluate and treat hearing, balance, and tinnitus disorders.
  • Hearing Aids/Assistive Technology – Select and custom-fit hearing aids and assistive technology.
  • Hearing Screening and Testing – Screen individuals to identify possible hearing disorders. Testing will confirm if a hearing loss is present and determine the kind and degree of loss.
  • Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention – Explain how to protect hearing from the effects of noise.
  • Tinnitus – Provide a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of patients with tinnitus through a team focused on patient care.
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