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Hearing FAQs

Muffled hearing in one ear or both can be due to impacted earwax or hearing loss. To determine what is the cause of your muffled hearing, you should have you hearing examined. During your evaluation we can look inside your ears with an otoscope to determine the cause of your clogged ears.

Yes, you can experience temporary hearing loss from an ear infection. This is known as conductive hearing loss. You will need to visit your primary care physician to prescribe antibiotics for your ear infection. If your hearing loss does not clear up when the ear infection is gone, then you should contact us for a hearing exam as you may need hearing aids.

No, hearing aids do not cause dizziness, vertigo, or any other balance problems.  If you are experiencing hearing loss and balance problems or dizziness, this can be due to the proximity of the auditory nerve function to our sense of balance – both of which are located in the cochlea inside the inner ear.

If you cannot hear out of one ear or you are experiencing discomfort due to built-up earwax, you should visit your doctor. You should never use cotton swabs to unclog your ears, as they can push earwax further into the ear canal and damage the delicate parts of your ear canal. You should also never use ear candles to remove earwax. Ear candling side effects can be dangerous as hot wax can drip inside your ears, causing burns and further complications.

If you have experienced sudden muffled hearing in one ear, you should contact us immediately for a hearing test. Sudden hearing loss can develop suddenly for no apparent reason. It’s important to be proactive by having your hearing tested in order to maintain your speech comprehension and to prevent any hearing loss from worsening.

Each hearing aid manufacturer has its own pros. As a private hearing practice, we aren’t tied to just one hearing aid brand. We can recommend and work with any hearing aid manufacturer. The best hearing aid will be dependent on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, budget, and unique needs. We will work with you to help you find the best device.

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